How could Sage Nutritional Therapy help you or someone you know?

Everyone would benefit from Nutritional Therapy. Everyone will benefit from eating a whole food, nutrient-dense diet. Choosing good quality organic produce, Grass-fed beef, pastured eggs & chicken, wild-caught fish, healthy (and necessary) fats and so much more!

Nutritional Therapy Addresses:

Food Intolerances

Digestive Dysfunction

Auto-Immune Disorders


Fatigue and/or Low Energy

Celiac Disease

Weight Loss or Gain

Gluten and/or Dairy Free Requirements

Anxiety & Insomnia

Brain Fog

Behavior Concerns

and so much more!

Nutritional Services Offered at Sage Nutritional Therapy:

Adult Nutritional Therapy

Pediatric Nutritional Therapy

Family Nutrition Education

Grocery Store Tours

Menu Makovers

Recipe Revisions

Pantry Parties

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